Top 20 Countries by Crypto ATMs per Capita

Cryptocurrency ATMs are often considered a sure way to tell whether the country is receptive towards the new technology or not. Although we’re used to first world countries having many crypto ATMs - the US has the most at 2,295 locations - it may be a better ratio to see how many ATMs a country has compared to its population.

It comes as a no surprise that microstates such as Liechtenstein or San Marino have secured top spots here. In case of San Marino, it’s enough to have one ATM to be No. 2 on the list. However, only 6 countries with the population of less that one million (out of more than 70, according to the United Nations) made into the list. Meanwhile, Austria with the population of almost 9 million and 229 ATMs is the leader among larger countries.

In the case of protectorates such as Saint Kitts and Nevis or Anguilla, we did not count them as independent countries - since they’re not - but added them to their respective countries. This means that, although those territories have a small population, they did not make the list, as they were considered, on the whole, as the UK (or Netherlands in the case of Aruba).

Also, if Hong Kong, the special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China, would be an independent country, it would also secure a place among Top 10, as it has 28 crypto ATMs.