EasyBit Opens Six New Bitcoin ATMs in Four US States

EasyBit, a bitcoin ATM network, has announced the opening of six new bitcoin ATM machines in locations across the US. The new machines are located in the American states of Georgia, Utah, Hawaii, and Texas.

With offices in the U.S and in Bitcoin Center Argentina, EasyBit operates about 35 ATM machines in 9 countries and on three continents around the world. Founded in December of 2013, the cryptocurrency kiosks provider works with both BitAccess and GenesisCoin as its bitcoin ATM manufacturers.

The company’s first bitcoin ATM was at Warie’s Thai Restaurant in Amsterdam, though it was later stolen from that location. They reportedly have plans to move into more countries by the end of this year, including Asia.

“We’ve observed that adding a bitcoin ATM greatly improves bitcoin adoption in these communities,” said Michael Dupree, CEO, and founder of EasyBit. “Our host locations often see better foot traffic and increased revenue after putting in a bitcoin ATM, making it a win-win for everyone.”

Despite the heat on exchanges to become regulated or leave the market, ATM networks are actually flourishing in the US. Coinsource, for example, has reported that it installed four new machines in July 2016 as it is starting to upgrade to service to offer ‘Two Way’ (USD/BTC and BTC/USD) exchange options.