CryptX Wallet Option Now Available on General Bytes BATM

CryptX has integrated its wallet into the open-source General Bytes Bitcoin ATM platform. The code is now part of the General Bytes BATM standard build and available for review on GitHub. Operators deploying General Bytes BATMs with the latest firmware can now select CryptX from the list of wallet providers.

CryptX is also available as a standard choice on Genesis Coin and will soon be available on other crypto ATM interfaces.

CryptX CTO Irakli Khidesheli noted that “ATM operators are an important partner for CryptX, and by following the example of this integration from General Byte’s open-source code, everyone can see the methods used for achieving this functionality. We will continue to update our integration source code as we release API updates.”

Crypto ATM operators can easily manage liquidity and protect against volatility by enabling autoswaps of their coins within the CryptX wallet whenever balances hit a specified threshold. Blockchain fees are significantly lowered by utilizing SegWit Bech32 addresses and transaction batching to execute swaps.