Bottle service and a Bitcoin ATM: This new Miami Beach club promises a VIP experience

Picture a night out.

You’re at a club in South Beach. You settle into a plush banquette while your friends take Instagram photos in front of a neon “Bitch, don’t kill my vibe” sign. Bottle service arrives! Everyone raises a toast as cryogenic effects waft across the stage and theatrical aerial artists strike a pose.

Meanwhile, a famous DJ spins on a state-of-the-art sound system while LED lights flash around the room and projectors do their thing. A stock market ticker runs around the perimeter, reminding you of your pressing cryptocurrency needs, so you excuse yourself to head to the Bitcoin ATM.

Or maybe you don’t excuse yourself. Maybe you just go.

This is life at the new XXIII Club.

The nightclub opens this week in Miami Beach in a 6,000-square-foot space along 23rd Street. Helmed by the team of Mishko Josifov, vice president of operations; hospitality director Benjamin Paré; and programming partners Ais York Almahdi, Barry Mullineaux and Philip Cardona, XXIII Club aims to usher in a new, modern era of clubbing.

“We want our guests to have the ultimate club experience in a house party setting,” Josifov said. “So much of Miami nightlife has been lost to how deep your pockets are and how many of the ‘right’ people you are with, standing at the door. We want to change the way Miami thinks about nightlife, roll out the carpet and lift the velvet rope.”

XXIII Club features custom-built sound and lighting technology from Miami’s own Infinite Systems. Though it’s safe to say resident DJs will spin everything from deep house to hip hop, the club plans to focus on diverse programming every night as opposed to developing a niche sound or program.

“We want to offer a bit of something for everyone,” said Dex Hobbes, nightlife and media director.

That includes the Bitcoin ATM, which is only the beginning of the cryptocurrency wave, he said.

“Cryptocurrency is the future and is very much happening now,” he said. “We are making big plans to involve cryptocurrency and blockchain projects, including NFTs, into many aspects of XXIII Club. . . . We are excited to roll these projects out, and you can see more of them come to life in the coming new year.”

That’s just one of the things that sets the ambitious club apart, said hospitality director Benjamin Paré.

“It all comes down to the quality of refined service, uplifting high standards and bringing back a true VIP experience to Miami nightlife,” he said.