Bitcoin ATMs coming to all US states

A new 3-year partnership between Bitcoin Latinum and OSO ATMs seeks to install 100,000 Bitcoin Latinum ATMs across 50 US states.

Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) is an insured, next-generation asset-backed cryptocurrency built on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Bitcoin Latinum has partnerships with different trading platforms that list its native LTNM token for trade as part of its plan of enhancing cryptocurrency adoption.

The partnership with OSO ATMs, a full-service ATM company, places Bitcoin Latinum on a new journey to increase the span of its vision. It aims to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible for everyone while simultaneously expanding its customer reach.

Through the installed ATMs across the US, users in different states will easily cash out or buy Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latinum using fiat currencies. According to GlobeNewswire, Bitcoin Latinum’s founder, Donald Basile, pointed out that by January 2022, OSO aims to install 25,000 ATMs.

OSO ATM is a countrywide ATM company that provides ATM services to customers across all 50 states. Its retention rate is more than 99.5%, and it offers 24-hour tech support and online tools for helping manage businesses more efficiently.

OSO also dedicates itself to serving ATM affiliates, distributors, and customers with the most competitive service and pricing to ensure profit maximization.

The advantages of Bitcoin Latinum

As a bitcoin hard fork, Bitcoin Latinum aims to continue from where Bitcoin’s idea of being a peer-to-peer and bankless electronic cash system left off. It’s capable of handling large transaction volumes, digital asset management, and cybersecurity.

The idea of LTNM is to solve the inherent problems of the TPS rate and scalability of the parent cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, it has unique features that include:

  • Energy-efficient and greener consensus mechanisms.
  • Improved security through the implementation of workload protection strategies.
  • High TPS rates through a highly scalable network supporting millions of transactions daily to enable retail transactions.
  • Fixed low fees where the cost of bitcoin transactions is reduced from multiple dollars to cents.
  • DeFi enables transaction networks facilitating secure and near-instant digital asset sales.
  • It uses a community governed or representative government model for greater ecosystem security.
  • A comprehensive insurance program to protect holders in case of external theft or internal collusion.

Primary targets for Bitcoin Latinum include multibillion-dollar industries like gaming, media, telecommunications, and cloud computing.

Crypto ATMs picking up pace

Sharing his views on the partnership, OSO ATM Chief Operating Officer Oos Arikat noted that crypto ATMs operations are increasing worldwide. They allow people to transact in crypto or convert it to fiat. Recently, Walmart started hosting bitcoin ATMs at various stores across the US. Arikat expressed OSO’s pride in being part of the journey to bring crypto to the mainstream audience.