2 keys to good ATM, Bitcoin ATM placement

When I was out and about early last week, I stopped for a bathroom break at a gas station. I was able to quickly find the bathroom, but upon leaving it, I noticed something right by the bathroom door. It was a Bitcoin ATM, but with the placement of the device, if someone was using the ATM they would be blocking the bathroom door.

Needless to say, this isn’t exactly an effective spot for this ATM. While gas stations often have limited space, it is important that they and other businesses consider two key factors when deciding where to deploy an ATM or Bitcoin ATM.

Can customers easily get to it?

The most important element for ATM placement is whether or not customers can actually find or reach it. If a significant portion of customers don’t even notice the ATM, then it probably isn’t in an ideal space.

In addition if the ATM is placed in an area with a lot of customer traffic, such as in front of a bathroom door, customers might not feel comfortable using it.

To answer this question of whether customers can access the ATM, stores need to answer these questions:

  • Is the ATM blocked by anything in the store?
  • Can customers easily find the device?
  • Can customers have privacy when using the ATM?
  • Are there upsell opportunities?

What’s around it?

Another consideration with ATMs is what is placed around it in stores. For example, is your ATM sitting by itself with nothing around it, or are there low-price goods around it?

When it comes to cash, customers use it mainly for small purchases, such as candy bars or snacks. Therefore, if a store puts a candy stand or other less expensive goods right next to the ATM, it can boost sales.

In the case of Bitcoin ATMs, since many of them are cash only, stores can also place their traditional ATMs next to the Bitcoin ATMs to boost usage.

By placing ATMs in convenient places for customers with other goods around it, stores don’t only improve customer satisfaction, they can also improve their bottom line.