Author Topic: Recyclers vs Independent Accepter and Dispenser.  (Read 1620 times)


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Recyclers vs Independent Accepter and Dispenser.
« on: August 03, 2018, 02:30:06 pm »
There are two options when it comes to accepting and dispensing cash to/from a Bitcoin ATM.

Cash Recyclers

A cash recycler is a device the both accepts and dispenses cash. The most common recycler on the market is the NV200 manufactured by Fujitsu. This is used in ATMs by BitAccess, CoinOutlet (defunct), as well as many other Chinese manufactured white labeled machines.

The advantage of a cash recycler is that it dispenses the same bills that it accepts - in theory allowing for less frequent service calls to the machine to remove ore replenish the cash. In reality, this isn't necessarily the case since most markets have an overall trend of either being mainly buyer's or being mainly seller's markets (its rarely 50/50 buys versus sells).

The disadvantage of a recycler is that they are more prone to jams and failures due to increased complexity and moving parts.

Separate Cash Accepter and Dispenser

The other option is to use a separate cash accepter and dispenser. There are many varieties out there.

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