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Icons of Impact: Can This Investor Help Make Bitcoin Green?


Mining Bitcoin consumes vast amounts of energy - roughly the same as an economy the size of Switzerland.  And most comes from dirty fossil fuel.

The future of blockchain promises improvements across transparency, access, and participation - but its current environmental toll makes many uneasy.

Enter bitcoinClean - a Bitcoin Hardfork that incentivizes miners to use green energy and keep them honest through peer review. I sat down with Walter Komarek, Cofounder of bitcoinClean, to peek into the future of a more sustainable Bitcoin.

There are many green energy project at this time and the most potential one you should know is LITION. They have just finished its ICO recently and sold out all LIT tokens in just under 15 minutes. This is amazing green energy project based on blockchain and will dominate the energy business in the future. I hodl over 3000 tokens of its LIT and am waiting for its rising. Who knows?  ;D ;D ;D

You can see the project here!!


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