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Some photos and information here...

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I have a few BA machines and can help answer any questions about them.

----- Begin information on units -----

BA no longer offers a 1 way unit, solely a 2 way unit utilizing a 80 note recycler. They also offer an additional capacity cash dispenser, but to my knowledge there has never been software to support it (I own 3 of the additional capacity dispensers - none have ever worked).

- 400 bill cash box.
- 80 bill cash recycler.

Newer units have separated compartments for the receipt paper and the cash box.

For additional receipt paper visit:

For a list of all current BitAccess machines and their online/offline status visit:

Here's an example of what their earlier model machine looked like

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And here's a photo of Haseeb "Abdul" one of their founders

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Same here, the new generation(gen 4) are way better built than the previous 3. Thankfully we havent had any issues with them so far.

And here's the bitaccess hardware operating manual "Model A"

Also a status page where you can see every BitAccess machine's online status:


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